как установить мод horizon для fallout 4
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как установить мод horizon для fallout 4

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Before reading this article, familiarize yourself with a mod manager. If you want to use Horizon with multiple mods. It is advisable to use Mod Organizer 2 for this. Ideally, you install Horizon without any further mods, do a clean installation of Vanilla Fo4, especially if it’s your first playthrough. Horizon replaces a large number of data in Vanilla Fo4 and almost all mods need a patch, usually no patch means not compatible! Take your time for a clean installation that may save you from a crash to desktop (CTD) later.

Preface [ ]

ℹ️ Horizon is a balancing mod. Using other Mods that change gameplay stats may break or ruin the balance of this mod.
While 99% of my combat changes will effect default mode too, I want to balance the game around DM. I can always add in non-DM stuff to help casual players if it is too hard. but I want the real balance focused around survival mode and DM. tbh. I really don’t count default mode, because you can get ammo and shit so much easier. I’m not going to balance around that my focus is on «what can you do with the supplies you get in DM. and what can’t you do.» otherwise the player reports become so skewed, because 1 person in default will say they have 2000 rounds of .308, and its too easy. and a DM player might have 90 rounds. the real issue is trying to fix the DM players who have 1000 rounds 🙂

Required [ ]

  • Current Fallout 4 Version
  • Clean installation of vanilla Fallout 4 with all your DLC installed. Exluding the High Resolution Texture Pack (DLC). Horizon

has its own Texture Pack which is far more optimized (details below).

  • New game, using an existing save is not recommended. Horizon changes far too many things for an existing save to work.
  • Mod Manager, like MO2, which does not overwrite the game folder is preferable.
  • Load Order, an incorrect Load Order can instantly destroy the Horizon experience.
  • The least amount of mods possible, best no mods if its your first time playing Horizon, since Horizon is a game overhaul. See the redundant mods section (be

advised it’s a lot).

  • INI Setting to allow mods to load their assets, like scripts, textures, loose files, etc. you need to enable loose files. Open Fallout4Custom.ini (if you are using Mod Organizer 2, do this through its internal INI editor: see the picture) and copy/paste:

�� Note: If loose files aren’t enabled via INI edit, item tags will be visible in-game.


Enable modding (example)

Menu 1 — Main [ ]


Main Files [ ]

  • Horizon: Normal Horizon installation
  • Architect (without Horizon): If you want only the settlement enhancing part of Horizon

DLC Addons [ ]

  • DLC (All-in-one): If you own all the DLC.
  • DLC (None): If you own none of the DLC (Far Harbor, Nuka World, Automatron, Vault 88)

Menu 2 — Core Addons [ ]


Combat Difficulty [ ]

The Difficulty options alter the incoming and outgoing damage in Survival Mode.

Plugin Difficulty Incoming Outgoing
Z_Horizon_Diff_Novice.esp Scout 1.0x 1.5x
Z_Horizon_Diff_Wanderer.esp Wanderer 1.0x 1.0x
None Survivor 1.5x 1.0x
Z_Horizon_Diff_Veteran.esp Veteran 2.5x 1.0x

Survivor difficulty is the default one. It is recommended by Horizon’s author since the game is balanced around it.

Loot Difficulty [ ]

Scavenger Mode: Recommended for players who are having a difficult time progressing through the game because of a severe lack of Ammunition. This addon gives extra ammo through loot, and extra ammo through the Scrounger perk too. It’s recommended to at least try Horizon with the standard balance first, before installing this, as it may make the game too easy for some players.

Standard Mode: This does not offer any changes like the modes above. Use this if you are new to the mod and difficult games in general.

Desolation Mode: Horizon is mainly based on Desolation Mode (Hardcore) and it is highly recommended for players who enjoy survival games. In general this mode does the following:

  • Makes survival more taxing
  • Less ammo drops from containers and NPCs
  • Bartering is very steep
  • Illnesses and some poisons are more potent
  • Crafting purified water requires a purifier module
  • And many more long-term difficulty changes

Optional [ ]

World fixes: Small modifications to world to «patch holes» [ info needed ] .

Short Naming: Shorten certain tagging names of armor and weapons.

    will only have an icon with a letter in the icon to show which limb its for; [L] & [R] will have shortened tag names for the level of condition

Strict Carry Weight: Reduces the total carry weight you can have.

    is reduced to the vanilla values
  • Pocketed and Deep Pocketed armor mods are reduced to the vanilla values only give 20 carry weight each, instead of 100

Settlements [ ]

Empire [ ]

Allows to claim Operation Sites across the commonwealth, which for the one-time material and technology investment bring passive income. These sites can be upgraded, to grant bonuses. They also include passive settlers and defenses which do not require any assignments.

Enhanced Settlements [ ]

This addon does more than just let you scrap objects. Everything was painstakingly hand-adjusted in order to make settlements feel much more polished and usable, and essentially make extended scrapping more «dummy-proof» (which is a good thing). This addon is highly recommended if you plan to use Architect to construct settlements.

�� Note: Enhanced settlements is recommended for Desolation Mode. This is due to the seawater extractors that extract salt required to make purified water.

  • Allows to scrap many settlement objects without leaving unsightly holes or problems
    • Retains all the quest items in settlements, so they aren’t broken
    • Removes unnecessary lighting (and some decals) from most settlements so it doesn’t get left behind
    • Some edge markers and attack markers are moved further out to the new borders
    • The Sanctuary houses can be toggled on/off separately
    • The Sanctuary bridge has an option to repair it
    • The Castle has an option to upgrade it’s walls
    • Graygarden has an option to toggle on/off the water sprayers and the robot animations
    Enhanced Settlements DLC [ ]

    Allows you to scrap additional objects in Far Harbor and Nuka World.

    This addon doesn’t break the precombines in Mech’s Lair and Vault 88 on purpose. Allows to scrap additional objects in Far Harbor and Nuka World.
    Enhanced Home Plate [ ]

    This workshop uses a new workbench and will attempt to move old workbench items over to the new bench. Any «stored» buildable objects will not carry over from the vanilla Home Plate!

    Home Plate is greatly expanded and turned into a full settlement now. Because of this, Supply Lines and Architect workstations will properly work. The front area now comes with decorations and workbenches.

    The decorations in the front are not scrappable, but can be toggled off by using a switch on the wall!

    Caravan Robots [ ]

    This replaces all caravan brahmin with robots. Recommended for aesthetic purposes.

    Settlement Optimizations [ ]

    This addon regenerates precombine meshes for Hangman’s Alley to improve performance. It requires Enhanced Settlements and Empire.

    This addon is currently an ALPHA test, and is not complete.

    Menu 3 — DEF_UI [ ]

    InstallMenu1-9-page3 Guide-modding-loose-files

    When modding is not enabled this will appear in-game.

    This installation contains all the files required to make Horizon’s DEF_UI operate. Many of these files have been customized by Phlunder and Zawinul, in order to make Horizon’s UI look more polished. It also contains an updated Icon Library that is required for Horizon’s DEF_UI configuration. If you don’t use the Icon Library, some default icons may look incorrect.

    DEF_UI was created by Neanka (with additional updates by valdacil, OldNick, ParasiteX and sekoms)

    Horizon contains its own DEF_UI. You can’t use other sorting mods with Horizon, as they won’t be compatible. Horizon’s version does not support ultra-wide screen resolutions, however you may be able to manually obtain a few of the SWF files for that resolution. Don’t overwrite Horizon’s icon library, terminal, or messagebox SWFs, as these are mandatory for Horizon.

    DEF_UI [ ]

    DEF_UI: Required.

    INI Tweak — Colors: Includes an INI file for Horizon, which allows to have a colored UI interface. This will avoid having to edit the FO4 ini files.

    DEF_UI Config [ ]

    DEF_UI Config — Sub-Menus: This configuration is currently the only available configuration for Horizon, and is installed by default. This DEF_UI config is set up for Horizon, and has sub-menus for the following:

    • Keys
    • Holotapes
    • Magazines
    • Notes
    • Passwords
    • And more..

    DEF_UI Menus [ ]

    • Components and Menus: This module requires Horzion’s DEF_UI, and adds icons to all the crafting menus, and component tags to items that are on the ground.
    • Menus Only: This module requires Horzion’s DEF_UI, and adds icons to all the crafting menus. It does not contain component tags for ground items.
    • None: .

    Menu 4 — Optionals [ ]

    Extras [ ]


    Horizon Extras: Misc tweaks such as;

    • Enables the console in survival mode
    • Removes combat music when standard enemies aggro on you (I think boss-type encounters should still play music)
    • Removes the cooldown on companions gaining affinity from stuff you do
    • Changes the Holotape audio volume to use the «Voice» channel instead of «Sound Effects» (this helps a lot if you can’t hear your holotapes and you like to keep your voice volume high)

    Architect Extras: This addon isn’t compatible with settlement mods that edit the workshop menu directly.This simple addon does the following:

    • Places the Architect Menu first in the Workshop Menu (after «Special»)
    • Increases the height in which settlers can pathfind (this change is also included in the SE patch)

    Camera Shake Removal This addon will remove the camera shaking in Fallout 4.

    Blur Removal [ ]

    Optional Addon: Due to the changes in how health is managed, you may find yourself at low levels of health more often than usual. I found that the radial blur at low health was very annoying, so I created this mod to remove that. There are alternate versions to choose from also.

    • Full: Removes all.
    • Original: This version keeps the old red tinting effect at low health.
    • Vanilla: Screen Blur Removal — Radial Blur Removal Only.
    • Low Health: Screen Blur Removal — Low Health Blur Removal Only.
    • None: Vanilla Effects.
    • Removes the screen blurring effects when your character is at low health
    • Removes the screen blurring effects when your character is at low health
    • Removes the screen blurring effects when your character gets hit in combat
    • Removes the screen blurring effects when your character’s head is injured
    • Removes the screen blurring effects when Night Person is active.
    • Removes the screen blurring effects when Sleep Exhaustion is active.
    • Slightly reduces the threshold for when the heartbeat sound comes on
    • Adds a red tinting effect to the screen when hit
    • Removes the red tinting effect when at low health
    • Removes the Blood effects on the screen (you can manually disable this by deleting Z_BlurRemoval — Main.ba2 file
    • Removes the screen blurring effects when Sleep Exhaustion is active.
    • Slightly increases the red tinting effect when at low health

    Creation Club [ ]

    • Branded Attire (T-Shirts): Adds support for all of the Branded Attire T-shirts and updates the stats. Adds T-Shirts to some NPCs (raiders, settlers, etc.), to Vault 111, randomly to

    Fallons shop based on trading skill.

    • Handmade Shotgun: Adds support for the Handmade shotgun and updated stats. Adds the shotgun to some NPCs such as raiders.
    • Prey Space Suit: Adds support for the Prey space suit and updated stats. Adds 3 separate craftable items: full hazmat suit, body only, and helmet only. Removes the free suit.
    • Horse Armor: Adds support for the Horse Power Armor and updates stats to match Horizon’s Power Armor
    • Paint Mods (Weapons):
    • Paint Mods (Armor):
    • Paint Mods (PA):

    Patches [ ]

    • Crossbows: Adds compatibility for Crossbows of the Commonwealth.

    Uninstalling [ ]

    Horizon is not a «drop in» mod. It essentially plays as a new version of Fallout 4. Horizon isn’t meant to be uninstalled during a playthrough eventhough it can be uninstalled. Doing so result in character data will be permanently part of your save game file potentially break the save game at some point.

    Leftover [ ]

    The following will remain in a save game after an uninstall:

    • Selected SPECIAL points on character creation
    • Maximum health pool
    • Total experience
    • Perk points that were consumed and possibly extra points from VANS as well
    • NPC spawns (and loot) may still retain the mod’s level changes
    • Vendors may retain the mod’s changes until they recycle

    the «leftover» stats don’t bother you, you should be able to continue to play through the rest of the game just fine. If you need to (or want to) re-install my mod, do NOT use a save game that was saved after you uninstalled it. All of your experience gained will give you the wrong levels, and you CANNOT reduce levels in the console. Only re-use a save game that was used from my mod.

    Home Plate Enhanced [ ]

    Choosing to uninstall this addon at any point, will cause any item in a workbench to be lost forever! Any workshop objects built must be scrapped, or they will be left behind. Storing them will not carry over.

    Workshop Menu [ ]

    The Architect options menu offers a an uninstall option for the workshop menu which is intended for the stand-alone version.

    Horizon — Installation and Troubleshooting

    Don't be «that guy» who doesn't read the instructions, and then complains because their Fallout 4 installation is complete trash. If you treat your load order as garbage, Fallout 4 is going to play like garbage.

    Before even asking any questions, the following MUST be done:

    Fallout4Custom.ini must have the proper changes for mods to function in Fallout 4.

    This is not an option. The majority of Fallout 4 mods will NOT work correctly without this edit.

    1. Go to your Fallout 4 user config Folder: «Users/[your username]/Documents/My Games/Fallout 4»
    2. Open Fallout4Custom.ini with notepad or any text editor.
    3. Add (or make sure they already exist) the following 3 lines at the end of this file:

    Mod Organizer 2 : If you use specific profiles in MO2, you'll need to make sure those ini changes are working for that profile!

    Make sure FO4 is setup properly before starting a new game!

    If you don't see any UI icons in your game, or your field kit doesn't work, etc. this is usually why. If you get that problem, that means you will need to start a new game again once it's actually fixed properly! Don't be «that person» who doesn't setup their FO4 properly before starting a new game.

    Save yourself the headache, and double-check. You may even be able to temporarily use an old save game just to see if certain things work first, before starting a new game.


    Your version of Fallout 4 must be current.

    This is not an option.

    Make sure you're using the most current version of Fallout 4. And if you use F4SE, make sure that's the most current version. Note that F4SE is NOT required for Horizon (although many players use it.) If you choose to use F4SE, I recommend to always install Buffout with it, which is a mod that creates real crash logs (don't confuse this with «papyrus logs», which are not crash logs.)

    3> Your Fallout 4 mod load order must be ordered correctly.

    This is not an option.

    If you are lazy, and do not order your mod plugins properly, you're going to have hours of problems, and probably need to restart your game. Do yourself a favor, and don't be lazy! Take 5 minutes, and do it right.

    NOTE: Mod Organizer 2 is recommended as the preferred Fallout 4 mod manager for Horizon. However, if you know how to use Vortex properly, that's fine. Take note, that Vortex is much harder to deal with for new players when it comes to properly ordering their mod list for FO4 overhauls such as Horizon.

    It is recommended to not leave leftover files in your data folder. MO2 will manage all of the files properly.

    In MO2, some mods will also need to be sorted in the LEFT PANEL too (such as HUDframework being above Architect/Horizon), as this appears to control which mods overwrite loose files.

    Load order example:

    Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp   (UFO4P is optional — but put it first if you do install it)
    HUDFramework.esm (Highly recommended! Install it.)

    Z_Horizon_Patch_CC_******.esl (ESL patches should go here)

    Z_Architect_WorldFixes.esp     (Recommended but Optional)

    Z_Architect_TexturePack01.esp (Optional)
    Z_Architect_Weather.esp (Optional)

    [. Other mods go here. ]

    EveryonesBestFriend.esp (Recommended but Optional)

    Z_BlurRemoval.esp        (Recommended but Optional) 
    Z_CameraAddon.esp (Optional)

    Z_Horizon_Patch_*********.esp (Most ESP patches can go here)

    Z_Horizon_Optional_ShortNaming.esp (Optional)
    Z_Horizon_Desolation.esp (Or. ScavengerMode or nothing depending on options)
    Z_Horizon_Diff_*********.esp (Optional difficulties)
    Z_Horizon_StrictCarryWeight.esp (Optional)

    Z_Extras.esp (Optional)
    Z_Architect_Extras.esp (Recommended but Optional)

    Z_Architect_CaravanRobots.esp (Optional)
    Z_Architect_HomePlate.esp (Recommended but Optional)
    Z_Architect_Empire.esp (Recommended but Optional)
    Z_Architect_EnhancedSettlements.esp (Recommended but Optional)
    Z_Architect_EnhancedSettlements_DLC.esp (Recommended but Optional)
    Z_Architect_OptimizedLocations.esp (Optional — Experimental)


    4> Horizon has it's own special modified version of DEF_UI .

    Do not install any standalone versions of DEF_UI, or you'll probably break Horizon's special modifications.

    However, I do highly recommend to go to the DEF_UI page on Nexus, and endorse the original mod!

    The original DEF_UI was created by Neanka, and the Horizon version has many modifications by Zawinul and Phlunder.

    5> Horizon v1.9+ makes use of HUDframework !

    Make sure HUDframework is installed if you want all the new interface elements of Horizon v1.9.

    • Make sure HUDframework is loaded in the proper plugin order (shown above)
    • When using MO2 — Make sure HUDframework is sorted in the LEFT PANEL too*
    • Do NOT use the DEF_UI compatibility patch!
    • Do NOT use the HUDframework patcher!

    *MO2 Users: If you do not have the left-side panel sorted too, HUDframework will break the DEFUI files, and you'll get missing icons, etc. Make sure your left-side panel has HUDframework above Architect.

    6> Horizon requires that you start a NEW GAME !

    Playing Horizon requires a fresh new game. You cannot use save games that were made prior to installing it.

    If your game does not look similar to screenshots of Horizon (with icons in front of items, and the large message box), then something is wrong with your installation.

    General Horizon Questions

    Q: I'm having strange problems in game, and I'm not sure if it's a mod conflict or not.

    If you're 100% certain you followed the installation instructions, you should join the Horizon Discord server and ask for help in the mod-compatibility channel.

    It is highly recommended that you upload your «plugins.txt» file, or your MO2's «loadorder.txt» file.

    Uploading your load order in discord will allow players to see your mod list, and help spot problems. Otherwise, no one can help you.

    19 out of 20 times, problems are due to load order, incompatible mods, or INI problems.

    Q: My armor or weapon workbenches are crashing.

    Again — read the installation instructions.

    A> You need a recent version of FO4 that supports the Creation Club skins and their keywords.

    B> If you're using any unofficial Horizon patches, make sure they aren't broken because of missing or bad keywords, which will crash the workbench immediately.

    C> Your load order is not ordered correctly.

    Otherwise, Horizon should usually not be crashing workbenches at all.

    Q: I crash randomly in the game when I have Horizon installed.

    If you get crashes in FO4, it's recommended to have F4SE installed, along with Buffout. Buffout records crash logs. These logs can then be posted to forums or discord, for other players to help troubleshoot the problem.

    Most players usually have no problems with Horizon, even dozens or hundreds of hours without any crashes. You may have something wrong with your FO4, which could take time to troubleshoot properly. In some rare cases, Fallout 4 can even just crash with no mods, but usually these occurrences are rare.

    There are rare occasions where Horizon does have bugs that can cause crashes, but they are usually fixed quickly. If you think it has to due with a specific item or NPC in Horizon, ask in the Horizon Discord for help.

    Most crashes in FO4 are due to incorrect versions, bad load orders, or sometimes mods. It can potentially be Horizon, which is why the crash log is valuable.

    What you need to first realize, is that crashes can be anything, and from anywhere. Just installing and/or uninstalling mods may not even be the problem itself. When you install or uninstall a mod, you shift around the memory and data being used, which can mask or unmask problems you had the entire time.

    Here is a simple list to help with troubleshooting crashes:
    — Make sure you are using the most recent version of Fallout 4 itself
    — Make sure your load order is 100% perfect for Horizon (read the installation section for details)
    — Make sure your Fallout 4 .INI files are setup properly to load mods and assets (read the installation section for details)
    — Make sure any custom .INI changes you made aren't screwing up Fallout 4 (this can often crash FO4 if you do something wrong)
    — Check different combinations of mods for problems (even if crashes stop with a mod disabled, it doesn't necessarily mean the problem may be gone)
    — If you use F4SE, make sure it's updated, and make sure any F4SE mods aren't causing any problems
    — Check your data folder and make sure there's no loose files that shouldn't be in there. Loose files will ALWAYS load first, before BA2 archives. If you have old files lingering around in there, it could cause serious problems because they will be loaded, and the ones in the archives won't.

    If your crashes are extremely random, and your Buffout logs don't seem to be focusing on any particular mod:
    — Check for corrupted files (in Steam you can attempt to repair files)*
    — Update your video card drivers*
    — Check or Reset your video card driver settings*
    — Check your hard drive for errors and bad sectors*
    — Check your memory for problems*
    — Make sure your Windows has a proper sized (and working) Paging file, or else applications can crash when they run out of real memory.*

    As a last resort, if nothing seems wrong with your mods or settings:
    — Reinstall Fallout 4 (even if Steam verifies files are «OK», it doesn't necessarily mean there isn't file problems.)*

    *Doing any of these is done at your own risk.

    Q: Raiders (or other NPCs) are taking way too many bullets to kill, sometimes a full magazine. Is this really how Horizon is supposed to be?

    No. Horizon actually removes most of the bullet sponginess from unarmored enemies. The only enemies who are spongey are ones that visually look like they have a lot of armor on, or creatures/robots that are supposed to be tanky.

    Basically, in Horizon 1.9, the enemy's defenses almost always match their visual appearance:

    — If a raider is wearing clothing (with no heavy armor), they can usually die to a few bullets (and depending on the caliber, even 1-2 headshots.)

    — If a raider is wearing heavy armor with a helmet, then they definitely may take many hits to kill!

    — If an unarmored raider is taking too many hits, it can be either:

    A> You're trying to snipe them with a gun from way outside the weapon's «range» (range reduces damage the further it is!)
    B> You're missing shots a lot, and don't realize it.
    C> You're trying to fight difficult enemies with a weapon that has no upgrades.
    D> You have mod conflicts, load order problems, or installation problems.

    There is, of course, the chance that occasionally specific NPCs in Horizon aren't setup properly or bugged. If you think a specific NPC seems broken, ask in the help channel in Discord first.

    Another problem some players don't account for is WEAPON RANGE . In Fallout 4, if you try to hit a target further than the weapon's range, it will do LESS and LESS damage the further out (up to -50% damage.) Don't try sniping people at level 1 with a unmodded pipe gun from 70 yards away. It's a bad idea.

    For reference, this is roughly (but not exactly), how level 1 should be:

    • Radroaches in Vault 111 : Standard roaches (not the special types) should die in 1-2 baton hits, as long as you have a few strength or more.
    • Bloatflies/Radroaches in Sanctuary : Should die in 1-2 hits, although insects ocassionally get a health bug in FO4, which makes them feel tankier than normal. This occurs when you zone into an indoor area, and come back out.
    • Molerats : Normal molerats should die in 2-4 hits average with a baton or pipe gun.
    • Raiders in Concord : One single headshot from a .38 should drop their health to roughly 15-20% health. A 10mm round may actually 1-shot them in the head, depending on the type of raider. Unarmoed raiders should only take a few bodyshots as well. Realize you are using low caliber rounds.

    As you level up, you'll often 1-shot most humans with headshots with the proper weapons and ammo. You also can't expect to always 1-shot enemies wearing armor and helmets.

    If this doesn't match your experience, then something may be wrong with your mod setup.

    Q: Enemies are hardly damaging me at all. I can stand there in Concord and raiders can't kill me.

    Same thing as above. While your health bar is higher (on average) in Horizon, and you can take a few extra hits more than normal. However, finding medical treatment to heal those wounds is more difficult in Horizon than vanilla FO4.

    Unless you have some type of mod-created heavy armor on, you can still die fairly easily if you aren't careful. Especially since healing is very limited.

    Q: My DEF_UI isn't displaying icons everywhere.

    Re-read the installation guide above. This is 99.99% the reason why you don't have icons.

    First, there are a few places in the game where DEF_UI is not supposed to have icons. This would consist of mainly settlement building, and the top name text on some of the crafting menus.

    Otherwise, you should see full icons for your pipboy (items and perks), loot containers, vendors, and even the crafting menu categories if you installed my DEF_UI addon. Look at my images section and you can see what icons are supposed to look like.

    If you wish to use your own HUD settings, you can overwrite the DEF_HUD config. but never overwrite the DEF_INV config files. The DEF_INV files tell DEF_UI which icons Horizon uses.

    Q: I'm not seeing any production for my Purifiers (or possibly any other production.)

    1> Make sure a «Master Workbench» is set. The Horizon production system requires you have at least 1 workshop set as a master.

    2> Make sure you have at least 1 Resource Station in a settlement (they work from any settlement.) Go into the Production menu, and then click on «Active Services.» Inside this menu, make sure your Purified Water production has «Work Orders», and then make sure you have enough raw materials. Materials are taken from any linked workbenches from your settlements.

    3> Production by default goes into the «Production Storage.» You can change this destination in the Resource Station to any workbench you own.

    4> Keep in mind if you use a workshop workbench, settlers could possibly steal your items from there (they usually don't take materials though.)

    5> Make sure your purifier is powered, and that it shows up in the Resource Manager.

    Горизонт | Horizon

    Исследования, создание предметов и выживание, являются ключевыми аспектами всех игр Fallout. К сожалению, они иногда быстро приедаются и становятся скучными, без усложнения они теряют свою цель после достижения нескольких уровней. «Горизонт» восстанавливает эти аспекты, делая вашу игру более сложной и интересной. Он содержит тысячи изменений, переработанных систем и новых дополнений для тщательного баланса всех его изменений.

    Мод сфокусирован и сбалансирован вокруг режима выживания, чтобы сделать игру более сложной и захватывающей, однако при желании его можно использовать в любом режиме сложности.
    Также в модификации присутствует 4 настройки режимов сложности, так что все игроки в Fallout смогут опробовать свои навыки выживания и ознакомиться с изменениями, которые вносит мод.

    Этот мод не только полностью изменяет весь геймплей в сторону усложнения — он изменяет вообще всю игру и всё в игре! Выживать теперь будет не просто сложно — а чудовищно сложно. Забудьте о моментальной прокачке. Тысячу раз подумайте, какой перк взять, чтобы выжить. Патроны и антирадин на вес золота. Вся вода отравлена, еды нет. Так что — успехов вам в выживании. Рекомендуется начать новую игру.

    Когда вы начнете играть, у вас будет впечатление что вы играете в первый раз. Всему придётся учиться заново. Новое оружие, система крафта, сбора ресурсов и. вообще всё новое. Это совсем другая игра. Видимо поэтому этот мод является самым популярным в мире модом для Fallout 4.

    ВНИМАНИЕ: Добавлена опция "Воскрешение в ближайшем поселении". Её можно отключить в диске настроек Горизонт (диск можно создать в Лаборатории робототехники). Опция новая и возможны баги. У меня, например, если ГГ погиб в режиме скрытности, то выйти из него после воскрешения невозможно.

    ВНИМАНИЕ: Клей теперь производится в химической лаборатории, а не на кухне. Вы также можете узнать уровень ваших отношений со спутником. Для этого в лаборатории робототехники создайте голодиск "Настройки Горизонт", активируйте его, и включите "Специальное меню настроек". После этого, в почтовом ящике, вы сможете увидеть уровень ваших отношений.

    ВНИМАНИЕ: При использовании "Томми-Гана" (пистолет-пулемет) в режиме одиночного огня возможно зависание и бесконечное воспроизведение звука "автоматной очереди". Во избежании этого не используйте данное оружие в режиме одиночного огня и не давайте его (в одиночном режиме) поселенцам. Только автоматический огонь.

    ИНТЕРЕСНАЯ НАХОДКА: При использовании автовзломщиков, взрывчатки или слесарных наборов при взломе замков, можно менять способы взлома. Стоя и в присяде (режим скрытности) они разные.

    Обзор базовых понятий по моду Горизонт можно посмотреть в видео (будут ещё добавляться):

    1. С чего начинать застройку поселения с модом Горизонт. Азы строительства. Какие здания и постройки доступны изначально и что делать на первых порах.ТЫК
    2. Добыча ресурсов, их обработка и последующее производство на их основе более ценных вещей (таких как порох, например). ТЫК

    • НИКОГДА не объединяйте ESP файлы "Горизонта" в новые ESP файлы**
    • НИКОГДА не используйте LOOT для сортировки файлов "Горизонта"
    • НИКОГДА не используйте другие моды cо своим скриптом "HC_Manager.pex"
    • НИКОГДА не используйте другие моды-сортировщики, у "Горизонта" своя система сортировки вещей
    • Мод Armorsmith Extended НЕ совместим с Горизонтом вообще

    Fallout 4 версия 1.10.114+ и выше
    Начало новой игры (сразу после установки мода)*
    Расположение ESP файлов мода в самом НИЗУ списка загрузки модов
    DEF_UI (хотя и не является обязательным, но считается базовым требованием), начиная с версии 1.8 встроен в Горизонт и требуется только архив def_ui_translations со странички DEF_UI

    1. Скачать основной архив мода со страницы автора на Нексусе в разделе MAIN FILES
    2. После скачивания и распаковки основного англоязычного архива, скачать отдельно русифицированные файлы и установить в игру поверх основного мода соглашаясь на замену всех файлов.
    ВАЖНО. Русская версия мода Горизонт на странице Нексуса, почитать полное подробное описание и скачать русскую локализацию можно на данной странице , сам мод скачивать со страницы автора мода здесь.

    Обсудить все вопросы по моду можно на форуме в данной теме.
    Быстро задать вопрос и получить ответ можно в дискорд каналах.
    Канал посвященный моду СимС и его объединению с Горизонтом "SimS + Горизонт" в Discord (в общем для тех кто любит строить)

    Распаковать содержимое архива в папку Data вашей игры, подключить плагин в NMM. Эта версия не предназначена для автоматической установки. Для того, чтобы мод работал как положено, поставьте его последним в списке загрузки (разумеется файлы патчей на сложность и для ДЛС должны располагаться еще ниже).

    Примеры порядка загрузки модов:

    *Z _ Horizon_Loot_Respawn.esp
    *Z _ Horizon_Loot_Respawn_DLC.esp
    <..остальные моды>
    *Z_Horizon.esp (должен загружаться первым — требует наличия Z_Architect.esm)
    *Z_Horizon_DLC_All.esp (модуль дополнений "все-в-одном" — используйте только, если у вас есть все официальные дополнения)
    или же по отдельности для каждого дополнения
    *Z_Horizon_DLC_Automatron.esp (это индивидуальные модули для дополнений, на случай, если у вас нет какого-то из них)
    (не используйте варианты "все-в-одном" и индивидуальные модули. )
    *Z_Horizon_Diff_#######.esp (опциональное дополнение сложности — не используйте, если вам нужна сложность по умолчанию)
    *Z_Horizon_Patch_#######.esp (дополнительные патчи модов)
    *Z_Horizon_DEFUI.esp (дополнение — добавляющее иконки в меню и компонентный состав предметам, отображающийся при наведении курсора)
    *Z_BlurRemoval.esp (дополнение, убирающее размытие экрана при некоторых эффектах)
    *Z_Extras.esp (дополнение)
    *Z_Architect_Extras.esp (дополнение)
    Следующие три мода должны быть в самом низу вашего списка загрузки модов

    Не делайте чего то подобного:
    *Armorsmith.esp <— Не верный порядок — НИКОГДА НЕ ДЕЛАЙТЕ ТАК!

    ВСЕГДА загружайте остальные моды ПЕРЕД Горизонтом, а патчи ПОСЛЕ. Для этого есть веские причины.

    Вот подробная (по просьбе телезрителей) установка:

    Открываете архив архиватором, копируете в папку DATA вашей игры файлы:

    Это основные файлы. С версии 1.4.1 к ним относятся и файлы "Архитектор".

    Далее копируете опциональные (по необходимости) файлы:

    Во первых, если у вас установлены ВСЕ официальные дополнения DLC то это:

    Если не все, то из папки Optional_DLC выбираете отдельные файлы для DLC(дополнений), которые у вас установлены.

    Из папки Optional_Difficulties выбираете (если хотите, это не обязательно, и я, например его не ставил) файл сложности мода.

    В папке Optional_ModPatches лежат файлы, для тех у кого установлен мод ArmorSmith Expended и другие моды — если у вас нет этих модов, они вам не нужны.

    Мод "Горизонт" в списке загрузки должен стоять последним, ну а все опциональные файлы размещайте ниже него.

    Далее запускаете NMM (Нексус Мод Менеджер) и отмечаете "галочками" добавленные только что файлы.

    Огромная благодарность величайшему мастеру модостроения zawinul за эту чудовищную по размаху работу. Очень благодарен play6ner и Гризл за поддержку, тестирование и всемерную помощь в моей работе.

    Локализация на ГМ размещена с разрешения автора перевода vwtrotsky

    FALLOUT 4 Horizon мод

    FALLOUT 4 Horizon – глобальный пользовательский мод, разработанный фанатами, который кардинально меняет игровой процесс оригинала, делая его более сложным и склоняет в сторону симулятора выживания в постапокалиптическом мире.

    Нововведения FALLOUT 4 Horizon мод

    Все нововведения, которые приносит мод Horizon тяжело и перечислить. Однако наиболее важное – он в разы усложняет механику выживания в опасном постапокалиптическом мире и делает ее более реалистичной. Также была переработана система крафта – она также стала сложнее и теперь не надоедает даже в длительной перспективе.


    События разворачиваются в недалеком будущем после ядерной войны на территории США. Главный герой вместе с семьей скрывался в подземном бункере, но бандиты напали на него, украли ребенка и убили жену протагониста, после чего снова погрузили его в сон.

    Спустя десятилетия герой очнулся и выбрался с убежища. Он увидел перед собой новый постапокалиптический мир. Теперь его цель – выжить и найти того, кто напал на убежища, отняв семью.

    Игровой процесс

    Среди ключевых геймплейных особенностей FALLOUT 4 необходимо выделить:

    • полностью открытый виртуальный мир;
    • система крафта предметов;
    • система прокачки навыков главного героя;
    • возможность нанимать компаньона;
    • интересная боевая механика;
    • множество опасных видов мутантов, с которыми интересно сражаться;

    Скриншот FALLOUT 4 Horizon мод Скриншот FALLOUT 4 Horizon мод Скриншот FALLOUT 4 Horizon мод

    Лучший торрент клиент по ссылке ниже:

    Скачать игру торрентом

    Скачать FALLOUT 4 Horizon мод на русском с таблеткой для РС , без вирусов и СМС можно по ссылке ниже.

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