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fallout 4 aaf как пользоваться

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Advanced Animation Framework (AAF)

The Advanced Animation Framework (AAF) provides a variety of tools for modders to play animations/poses from a scalable number of animation/pose packs. Additional behavior controls, relationship features, user interface elements (menus) and statistics tracking are also included or planned.

Nexus requirements

Mod name Notes
LooksMenu Not an absolute requirement. But, morph handling is disabled without it.

Off-site requirements

Mod name Notes

Mods requiring this file

Mod name Notes
AAF — Basic Animations Theme It won’t do anything without it 🙂
AAF — The One Patch to Rule Them All
AAF — Vanilla Sex Animations Theme It won’t do anything without it 🙂
AAF Brothel from the Commonwealth Fundamental
AAF HotC Sex Scenes Fundamental
AAF Magnolia Sex Scene Fundamental
AAF Patch for Maya — CustomRace
AAF Unique Player Framework Compatability Patch Install first
Atomic Lust Almost an absolute requirement to use the animations.
Biker Town now Under new mngmnt if you want npcs to actually use the stripper poles etc. yeah
C.H.A.K. Animation Pack Hard Requirement — Files do nothing without this framework
Cough Optional. You’ll get extra facial expressions if you have AAF installed.
CRACKLE — Comforting fires for the discerning hobo —
Diamond City Expansion — XDI Service Cost — AAF Optionally, but fundamental to AAF Scenes works
Human Armor Racks — Mannequins Required if using the AAF Patch.
Immersive Lovers Embrace Remastered Not required for (No Animation version)
Immersive Lovers Embrace Remastered — trad. Portugues do Brasil Opcional, O MOD original usa para as animações
Know Your Friend Optional. It includes LL FourPlay plugin
Lollipop Delight AAF Patch + all it’s requirements
Random Overlay Framework Required for NPC MCM Commands and Hotkeys to work
RC’s Centerfold Poses AAF Patch + all it’s requirements
Rusty Face Fix Redux 2022
SAMFormer For playing animations
Sanity Framework All Basic Requirements
Sprint breathing facial expression
THPoses Redux — AAF Core
THPoses Redux — AAF T-pose FIX Fundamental
ZeX — ZaZ Extended Skeleton Only If You are Using the Test Plugin I made For Animations

Credits and distribution permission

  • Other user’s assets Some assets in this file belong to other authors. You will need to seek permission from these authors before you can use their assets
  • Upload permission You are not allowed to upload this file to other sites under any circumstances
  • Modification permission You must get permission from me before you are allowed to modify my files to improve it
  • Conversion permission You are not allowed to convert this file to work on other games under any circumstances
  • Asset use permission You must get permission from me before you are allowed to use any of the assets in this file
  • Asset use permission in mods/files that are being sold You are not allowed to use assets from this file in any mods/files that are being sold, for money, on Steam Workshop or other platforms
  • Asset use permission in mods/files that earn donation points You are not allowed to earn Donation Points for your mods if they use my assets
  • Console modding permission This mod will not be available on Bethesda.net for console users

Author notes

This author has not provided any additional notes regarding file permissions

File credits

AAF is packaged for user convenience with an F4SE plugin («LLFP») with the permission of the author «jaam». No permissions for LLFP are extended to anyone by me.

Donation Points system

This mod is opted-in to receive Donation Points

Both straight donations and premium membership donations accepted

  • Donate
  • Donate premium membership

*** UPDATE ***
A newer version is available at (updates will be posted there moving forward): Moddingham .

What is this?
The Advanced Animation Framework (AAF) provides a custom UI, XML configuration and a variety of other tools for modders to play animations from a scalable number of animation packs. Additional behavior controls, relationship features, user interface elements (menus) and statistics tracking are also planned.

AAF has some similar features and technical strategy to CE0’s Skyrim mod OSA – Skyrim Ascendancy Engine .

A Lot More Info
Installation instructions, compatibility info, feature list and more are available at the AAF wiki .
Bugs and feature requests can be posted at the AAF issue tracker .
You can also join us at the AAF discord server .

It is highly recommended that AAF users install the Canary Save File Monitor  in order to detect if/when AAF save data becomes corrupt. It’s a subtle problem that can cause a lot of headaches and lost time if not detected early.

Content Disclaimer
Other than maybe a few example files to show how to use the framework, I have no intention of providing any content for this framework. The existence of this framework is not an endorsement of any other mods or content created for it by third parties. The full responsibility for content packs and other mods using this framework belongs solely to those content and mod creators.

Downloaders are free to use and learn from this mod. However, no republishing, repurposing or branching of this mod is allowed without prior permission.

If you are interested in supporting this project, you can donate through my Patreon page .

Fallout 4 aaf как пользоваться

Ролевой экшен, продолжающий историю вселенной Fallout.

Последний житель 111 убежища оказался вне крепких стен, в не самой дружелюбной среде. Каждое ваше решение принесет определенные последствия, будьте готовы к неожиданным встречам и находкам на территории пустошей. Добыча ресурсов и их последующее использование позволит вам создать сотни полезных предметов, а умелое использование различных примочек в бою позволит вам сохранить себе жизнь или же помочь бедолагам.

На создании уникального героя ничего не закончится, возглавьте свое поселение! Развивайте его вместе с теми, кого удалось спасти. В любой момент вы можете резко изменить курс и снова отправиться в самовольное путешествие по огромному миру.

Путь к активации мода AAF в Fallout 4: подробный гайд для новичков

Мод AAF (Animated Prostitution and Sex) добавляет в игру Fallout 4 функцию проституции и секса. Однако, активировать его бывает не так просто. В этой статье мы подробно расскажем, как активировать мод AAF в Fallout 4.

Шаг 1: Установить мод

Первым шагом является установка мода AAF на ваш компьютер. Для этого нужно скачать его с соответствующего сайта и установить, следуя инструкции установщика.

Шаг 2: Установить дополнительные моды

AAF является надстройкой над другими модами. Поэтому, для того чтобы мод работал корректно, необходимо установить следующие моды:

  • Advanced Animation Framework (AAF)
  • Сommonwealth Cuts — KS Hairdos
  • LooksMenu
  • CBBE (Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer)

Установите все перечисленные моды, следуя инструкциям установщиков.

Шаг 3: Изменить настройки в конфигурационном файле

После установки необходимо изменить настройки в конфигурационном файле AAF. Для этого откройте файл AAF_config.xml , расположенный по пути Fallout 4/Data/F4SE/Plugins/AAF/ .

В файле нужно изменить следующие параметры:

  • HookUI : изменить на true
  • HookCOM : изменить на true
  • EnableSexAddiction : изменить на true
  • DisablePreg : изменить на false

Сохраните изменения в файле.

Шаг 4: Запустить игру

Теперь можно запустить игру и проверить, работает ли мод. Если все сделано верно, то мод AAF должен работать корректно.


Activating AAF в Fallout 4 не является простой задачей, но следуя нашим инструкциям вы сможете установить и запустить его без проблем. Пользуйтесь модом с умом и наслаждайтесь новыми возможностями, которые он предоставляет.


AAF Guide January 1st 2021
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kzI . gWLIU/edit#
Below, more streamlined info.

Windows OS ( Supported by Steam and Fallout 4)
Official Fallout 4 Game Installed
Game sites with AAF mods
A mod manager
Fallout 4 Script Extender
Strongly Advised but Not Required:

Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch
Under Construction
Looks Menu (Strongly Advised)
Basic Installation:

Mods that use AAF
Suggested Load Order:

Fallout 4.esm
DLCUltraHighResolution.esm (NOT ADVISED TO USE)
Unofficial Patch (RECOMMENDED)
ALL Other .esm MODs
AAF.esm (placed at or near bottom of list of ESMs)
Any AAF Mod that is an ESM (always placed below AAF.esm)
Core Game Fixes etc.
Other Mods
Body Mods and Patches
AAF Mods
AAF Animations
AAF Animation Patches
Final Patches (Merged Patches. etc.)
Overwrite (If using Mod Organizer)
Calling AAF functions Keys:

Home: Switches GUI on/off
Enter: opens/closes AAF wizzard
Delete: Switches between GUI Modes
Up/Down Arrow: moves up/down to aid in selection Example Actor
Left Arrow: Previous Selection
Right Arrow: Select Option / Start Animation
End: Stops the animation.
End + End (Quickly): Exits AAF GUI completely
PgUP: Skips walk to location animation.
F11: Quick Scene (NPC in cross-hairs)
While Animations are Running:

Backspace: Cycles through different scenes (same animation of options are available)
PGUP/PGDown: To switch actors to different animations
7 or 9: (Number Pad) Change the animation rotation
1 or 3: (Number Pad) Change the animation location on Z axis
4, 8, 6, or 2 (Number Pad) Change the animation on the X and Y axis
Updating AAF: (Details In Guide)

Fallrim Tools
Java (required)

Common problems covered in guide.

Support options provided in guide and not provided here. I suggest using Discord link in the guide

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