Stalker gamma как зарядить экзоскелет
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Stalker gamma как зарядить экзоскелет

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Stalker gamma как зарядить экзоскелет

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The subject of this article appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl. The subject of this article appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky. The subject of this article appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.





Firearms SOC Protect Icon Bull

Burn SOC Protect Icon Fire

Chem. Burn SOC Protect Icon Chem

Electric Shock SOC Protect Icon Elec

Radiation SOC Protect Icon Rad

Night Vision




Impact CSiconImpact

Rupture CSiconRupt

Explosion CSiconExplo


Burn CSiconBurn

Chemical CSiconChemical

Electric CSiconElectro

Radiation CSiconRad

Telepathy CSiconTelepathy

Night Vision

Artifact containers




Impact CoP Impact

Firearms CoP Armour

Burn CoP Thermal

Chemical CoP Chemo

Electric CoP Electro

Radiation CoP RadGood

Psy CoP Psy

Night Vision CoP NVmk1

Artifact containers CoP Container

Weight CoP Item Weight



Background [ ]

This armour is the product of advanced military research, initially meant for use by the Ukrainian Military for hazardous missions into the Zone. Due to the sheer cost of a single unit, however, as well as the numerous technical problems and design flaws, the Exoskeleton never reached mass production, but limited numbers continue to be manufactured in underground factories and make their way into the Zone. They were however not designed for the Zone, nor the Zone’s hazards, rendering it a less reliable type of protection against anomalies and radiation.

Overview [ ]

There it is, a combat exoskeleton as large as life. The best protection you can get in the Zone from bullets, claws or grenade fragments, with the exception of armored vehicles. But it also takes after armored vehicles in that it relieves your weight burden — within reason, of course. 48,000 and it’s yours, warts and all. err. by that I mean batteries and servomotors.
― Nimble

The Exoskeleton boasts the best bulletproof protection of any armour in the Zone, as well as the most protection from explosives.

It is composed of two separate pieces of equipment: the Radiation suit which boasts heavy military kevlar around the entire body, along with composite plates on some of the outer regions of the armour (which can be upgraded with titanium plates). In addition, radsuits also come with specially made tactical helmets with integrated gas masks. [1]

The exoskeleton itself is a battery-powered external frame with synthetic muscle fibers and servomotors, that give the wearer both superior protection as well as greatly increased physical strength. The latter is expressed in that the player, if using an exoskeleton will receive greatly increased carry capacity (beyond 100 kg), and melee attacks will be substantially more powerful, often taking out enemies in a single blow.

Some exoskeleton models may also include an automatic drug injector module designed to automatically give a certain dosage of anti-shock drugs or improved life support systems to increase a wearer’s endurance, among other accessories [2] .

The Radiation suit can be worn by stalkers without the external frame. Such stalkers appear in Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat (Monolithians and Loners). This version of the radiation suit appears to have been lightened to allow it to be worn without the Exoskeleton frame, as it does not provide as much protection as the full Exoskeleton armor, although it still provides significantly superior protection compared to most other Stalker armors, being second only to the Military Stalker «Bulat» Skat-9 military armoured suit.

Deployment [ ]

Most Exoskeletons available within the Zone are third generation suits, with most design defects eliminated and their armor reinforced by Stalkers. Most factions that employ Exoskeletons also modify their suits to fit their needs, as well as their looks, in order to keep with their faction’s aesthetic. The Exosuit is only issued to the most elite troops of the factions able to afford it, such as the faction leader’s bodyguards which are posted outside their offices.

Such factions as the Bandits, Renegades, and Clear Sky generally do not have any Exosuits (one exception is a Bandit in Limansk) as they most likely cannot afford to have them in circulation due to rarity and/or high cost.

Appearances [ ]

Shadow of Chernobyl [ ]

A military exoskeleton prototype. It never went into serial production, because of extreme cost and some design flaws. It is however produced in small batches in small illegal factories outside of Ukraine. This is a third generation exoskeleton. The design defects which used to decrease its mobility were eliminated and the armor was reinforced. It provides excellent bullet and splinter protection. It has a low level of anomaly protection.
― In-game description

As alluded to in the overview, the Exoskeleton suit allows a greater than normal maximum carry weight. The standard suit allows up to 80.0kg of weight to be carried. There is a trade-off, however — up to 70.0kg can be carried without a fatigue penalty, but between 70 and 80kg results in an increased rate of fatigue. This penalty is reduced somewhat as the main restriction of the Exoskeleton is the loss of the ability to sprint. A single Moonlight artifact is sufficient to counteract the rapid fatiguing in the 70-80kg weight range.

Availability [ ]

The price of 200,000RU makes it the most expensive item in the game. It’s cheaper at the bar where it will be sold after Yantar and the Red Forest / Brain Scorcher mission.

  • Can be occasionally purchased from the Barkeep.
  • More are located on the rooftops of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, inside the Sarcophagus, and in the Monolith Control Center.
    • One is on top of a crate in the hall leading to the secret door (inside the plant)
    • Another is in a corner in a side room in the Monolith Control Center
    • One is stashed near a pipe in the final rooftop.

    Note that all factions (at least in version 1.0005 and 1.0006 and excluding bandits) can have exoskeleton experts. Mercs will use it after the player destroys their camp in the army warehouses. Also, NPCs wearing this suit can sprint, despite the fact that the player cannot sprint while wearing this suit. This happens by throwing a grenade near/at an exoskeleton-clad NPC.

    Unique variants [ ]
      — An Exoskeleton with a second-generation night vision device, providing a clearer picture with a brighter illumination. This one of a kind suit belonged to Fang.

    Clear Sky [ ]

    An experimental sample of a military exoskeleton. Was never mass-produced due to the extreme cost and some design flaws. Small batches are nonetheless produced in underground facilities outside Ukraine. This is a third-generation exoskeleton, which corrects the mobility-impeding design flaws of previous versions and features stronger armor.
    ― In-game description

    The exoskeleton in Clear Sky is probably in its worst form compared to the other two games of the franchise. Although it greatly boosts the player’s weight carry capacity, it prevents you from sprinting and degrades very quickly, while the protection it provides is barely better than other high tier armors such as the Berill-5M or PSZ-9 Duty armor.

    Availability [ ]
    • Can be bought from Mitay after joining Duty.
    • Can be bought from Sakharov (rare occasions).
      • This is not the case in vanilla Clear Sky, however — although according to the game files, Sakharov can have the suit in his invetory, his scripting does not allow him to actually sell it to the player.
      Unique variants [ ]
        — A lightened version of the exoskeleton used by the Freedom faction.
      Upgrades [ ]

      Exoskeletons have a very wide array of upgrades available, most of them unique. These include the ability to have even more superior anomalous or bulletproof protection, the ability to carry more than 100 kilograms of equipment, ridiculously increased durability, and the ability for the suit to automatically heal its wearer, among other things. The drawback to this, however, is that each upgrade is extremely costly, and repairing the suit itself is also expensive. In addition, Exoskeleton does not sport a built-in NVG module and while it can be upgraded to have even 2nd generation NVG module, it will block one upgrade tree.

      Call of Pripyat [ ]

      An experimental sample of a military exoskeleton. Was never mass-produced due to extraordinary cost and some design flaws. Despite this, it is in demand due to its ability to take on the weight of all carried equipment, and therefore small batches are made in underground facilities outside Ukraine. Comes with a built-in artifact container.
      ― In-game description

      The Exoskeleton received an upgrade in Call of Pripyat, with its base anomaly protection being second only to the SEVA suit, though its radiation protection is as low as ever. The radiation drawback is merely trivial, since the need for protection concerning high radiation levels have been diminished by the fact radiation is no longer dangerous as in previous games. A new feature is a tier 3 upgrade that allows the player to sprint while wearing the suit, which is available only from Cardan after giving him a calibration kit.

      It is effective as a general purpose suit as it combines effective anomaly and hit protection. It is also the best suit to use to carry heavy equipment as, with upgrades, it allows the player to carry up to 90kg of equipment, 114kg with two Goldfish artifacts (easily done since the suit can be upgraded with 4 artifact slots, meaning one could combine two Goldfishes and two Bubble artifacts to suppress the radiation), and 134kg with the help of a Hercules drug.

      However, it prevents the use of a helmet, which prevents the player from using the third-gen night vision available only from the Sphere M12 helmet, or extra protection provided by an helmet. Overall, it has lower anomaly protection than a Guardian of Freedom suit combined with an upgraded Screen helmet, and less hit protection than a PSZ-9d Duty armor or a Skat-9 military armored suit with a Sphere M12.

      Availability [ ]

      It can be ordered from Nimble at any point in the game, however; it will cost 33% more than when bought from Owl as soon as the player has either the One of Ours or Boss achievement combined with the Wealthy Client achievement.

      Upgrades [ ]

      Like all suits with integrated helmets, it has five upgrade paths. The biggest problem with the Exoskeleton is that one cannot run while wearing it until the player performs the Servomotor upgrade. It is a Tier 3 upgrade, so it requires the Calibration Kit and can be only performed by Cardan, which means that the Exoskeleton cannot be effectively used through most of the game until the player has reached Pripyat.

      Other than that, it has a whole array of both bulletproof and anomaly protection upgrades, maxing out its Armor at 85%, and with both the carry weight upgrade and weight reduction upgrade, the suit itself will weigh 15 kg while letting the player carry 90 kg of equipment (up to 114 kg if the player decides to use two Goldfish artifacts). However if one uses Hercules the limit can go up to 134 kilograms. All this combined with 2nd generation night vision, four artifact slots and +4 health recovery.

      Variants [ ]

      Here are some different variations of Exoskeletons. All of them were present in all of the games, unless it says differently in the captions:

      Источник энергии

      Автор мода: Kirag
      Версия игры: Сталкер ТЧ 1.0004
      Описание мода:
      Экзоскелеты в реале уже существуют, они позволяют носителю легко поднимать и перемещать гораздо больший вес, навесить на солдата в экзоскелете серьезную защиту и т.д., НО. Есть один серьезный недостаток – далеко от розетки в нем не отойдешь. Без мощного компактного источника энергии экзоскелет не сильно полезен. А такового (в реале) в обозримом будущем не предвидится.
      В Зоне же есть А) артефакты и аномалии – всяко энергия – и Б) желание извлечь из Зоны максимальную пользу, будь то хабар или Нобелевка. Ученым удается извлечь энергию из артефактов и конвертировать ее в приемлемую форму. Получился необходимый источник энергии, что дало толчок развитию экзоскелетов.
      Кроме них к источнику можно подключать и другие энергозависимые устройства, энергия – она и в Зоне энергия.

      Список изменений/нововведений:
      Экзоскелеты теперь потребляют вполне реальную энергию. Расход энергии сильно зависит от скорости передвижения (спринта хватает часа на два игрового времени, с тайм фактором 10, шагом можно двигаться гораздо дольше и гораздо дальше) и от нагрузки, чем больше вес, тем прожорливей экза.
      Ухудшение свойств экзоскелета при разрядке источника питания. Сначала снижается максимальный вес, при заряде < 25% отрубается спринт, при полной разрядке источника невозможно сдвинуться с места.
      Работа отдельных ПНВ (не костюмных) также требует энергии. У них разряд источника проявляется в ослаблении дополнительного усиления света.

      Источник питания можно получить:
      При покупке экзоскелета как бонус – 1 источник (полностью заряженный) и один дополнительный сердечник.
      При обыске экзоскелетчика – источник (заряжен больше, чем на четверть) и энергосердечники (0 – 4 шт.)
      При получении второго источника питания он заменяется на энергосердечники – 1 сердечник за каждые полные 25% заряда второго источника. Остаток энергии теряется.

      Где найти экзоскелет в Припяти сталкер тень чернобыля

      Где найти экзоскелет в сталкере тень чернобыля

      Экзоскелет является лучшей защитой во всех играх сталкера. Несмотря на ее некоторые недостатки в низкой скорости бега и большем весе экзоскелет делает человека практически непробиваемым танком, который может выдержать не одну обойму вражеских пуль.

      Экзоскелет в сталкере

      Но где найти экзоскелет в сталкере тень чернобыля, и в какой период игры можно его получить, в этой статье мы об этом и расскажем.

      Экзоскелет в сталкере тень чернобыля

      Покупка экзоскелета

      Самым безопасным, но затруднительным способом будет купить экзоскелет у Бармена или Скряги.

      Стоимость экзоскелета у Бармена равна 200 тысячам рублей.

      А вот у Скряги тот же экзоскелет можно выкупить за 150 тысяч рублей, при условии вступления в организацию Свобода.

      Но даже при сниженной цене заработать такие деньги будет крайне сложно, ведь для этого вам потребуется продать десятки редких артефактов и оружия.

      Хабар Клыка

      • Первая находится в Армейских складах,
      • Вторая в Припяти. Нам же нужно найти как раз вторую, ведь именно там хранится экзоскелет.
      1. При выходе из лаборатории 16 в туннеле вы сможете увидеть тело сталкера, обыскав которого можно найти наводку на Хабар Клыка. Чтобы точно получить наводку сохранитесь перед обыском трупа. Если вы не нашли наводку, то перезагрузите игру и попробуйте снова.
      2. Итак, получив наводку, отправляйтесь в Припять. Там в самом центре локации есть поваленный памятник Ленину, напротив которого стоит статую космонавту. Прямо возле статуи космонавту стоит крест с противогазом и баллоном, который и является хабаром клыка. Проход к нему вам преградят несколько противников и различные ловушки, поэтому будьте крайне осторожны.

      В итоге вы получите экзоскелет с улучшенным ПНВ, а также артефакт «Мамины Бусы». Стоит отметить, что в некоторых версиях невозможно найти экзоскелет при помощи данного способа.


      В самом конце игры, когда вы, наконец, заберетесь в ЧАЭС, то определенно точно найдете экзоскелет и множество различных оружий.

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