Кто ты из халф лайф 2
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Кто ты из халф лайф 2

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Кто ты из халф лайф 2

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Я заметил, что ты здесь уже больше чем 5 минут и надеюсь, это время проведено интересно.

Наше сообщество живет за счет щепотки платных объявлений, поэтому я был бы очень благодарен за добавление Pikuco в исключения твоего блокировщика рекламы 😉

What Half Life/HL2 character are you

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This is the first quiz I made, I made it when I had too much time on my hands. You’ll probably end up with Alyx or Barney or Resistance Dude. I guess that’s all.

This quiz is a quiz to see which Half-Life 2 character you are (all the hl1 only characters are either boring scientists or aliens) I hope the half life fans out there enjoy.

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Quiz topic: What Half Life/HL2 character am I

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Квиз №99538

Не знаю, играет ли кто-то тут в эту игру, но пусть будет.
Я играю чаще в Half-Life 2, чем Half-Life 3, сам не знаю почему.

Под Half-Life 3, имею в виду Half-Life 2: Episode Three

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    Which Half-life Series Character Are You?

    Which Half-life Series Character Are You? - Quiz

    If you are fond of playing shooter video games, you must have played the Half-Life series. This is a simple quiz to see which character you are in the universe of Half-Life. Sounds cool? Then go for it! Half-Life is a first-person shooter video game series that combines shooting combat, puzzles, and storytelling. The game was developed and published by Valve. If you were to be one of its characters, what would you be? Don't worry! Try this quiz and see which character you fit best.

    When in a group of people, whether fighting for your lives or hanging out. Do you communicate, or just do what you can and hope others follow you?

    I always tell people to look after themselves but help others, that way everyone is looked after.

    I try to look for the easy way out and get the sweet, sweet feeling of power on the way there.

    I remain part of the team, but also the leader.

    I try to go out and save myself and my closest friends, but the other people can just do whatever. To me they’re just another tool I can use to save myself and my friends and companions.

    I try to help them and keep everything in order. I stay in the back and help everything stay organized.

    If you ever had a one on one fight with someone what weapon would you choose?

    Pistol (M1911 Colt, Glock, .357 magnum)

    Shotgun or Melee (12-gauge combat auto-pump shotgun, monkey wrench)

    Pistol or Automatic Weapon (Glock, G36C, Submachine Gun)

    I’d try to persuade them that we are in it for a common goal and team up with them. And then I’d kill them in the time being.

    I’d run and hide to let anyone else come by to save me.

    Would you consider yourself a scientist?

    Yes, but I rarely use it in the confusion.

    No, I always prefer to shoot things instead of scietimize it.

    Sort of. But I’m a lot better at mechanical calculations and schematics than science.

    Science is my favorite.

    Could you live without people around you?

    Yes, but it would be a little tougher to reach my goals.

    Maybe, it depends what circumstances I’m under.

    No, who would follow me around?

    I could, but it would be nice to have someone with me. I actually might go crazy.

    No. I’d be scared out of my mind. Unless I had a robot. Now that would be cool.

    Would you undergo 6 hours of torture and then death to save the human race from extinction?

    I don't know. I guess that I would have to, huh? It seems like every mother f*ckin thing that people needs help with falls on me.

    I know it would sadden people to know that I died, but at least it would help me friends and everyone else who deserves to live.

    No, I would find a way to persuade these torturers to help us.

    I would create a machine that could teleport me and the human race to another point in time, thus creating a new civilization.

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