Кто ты из убить сталкера
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Кто ты из убить сталкера

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Кто ты из убить сталкера

My kids toy room. I want them to have a place to themselves.

I throw things down there. No idea to be honest.

Game room. Hell yeah!

A long day at work brings you home annoyed and tired. What will you most likely do?

Doesn't matter. Get back to work.

Hang out with the ones i love. They make my day better!

Mope around all depressed and stressed out.

Time to kick back and watch my favorite show.

I'm busy making things downstairs. I'll rest afterwards.

You see your crushes house. You.

Try to see if it's unlocked.

Throw rocks at their window. Notice me, bitch!

Continue walking, hoping they don't see you.

I told you, I don't have a crush.

I'm married, come again.

Someone you like makes a move on you. What do you to in return?

Tell them how much I love them.

Whimper in embarrassment.

Make moves back.

Have sex with them.

Reject them harshly and laugh at their pain.

Kiss them and maybe go a tad farther.

Nope. Nope. Can you not?

Someone pisses you off. How do you respond?

Talk out your feelings.

Beat them. You had it coming.

Ignore it and bottle it up inside.

Cry and run away.

Give them the cold shoulder.

Your parents continue to mistreat you. You respond by.

Get your revenge.

Yelling at them.

Someone runs into you crying. You.

Yell at them to get away.

Smile like you're okay.

Stop and turn away.

Continue to cry.

Let them help you.

You didn't do your chores and your parents are walking in. You.

Beg for forgiveness.

Tell them the truth and take the punishment.

Push things under the bed.

Lock the door. They can't hurt you for what they can't see.

You're in school and the teacher yells at you for something someone else did. You reply to them by.

Ignore it and just say you're sorry.

Yelling back at them. You didn't do shit!

Have a talk with them after class.

Tell your parents. It's so unfair!

Crying and just taking the blame.

Give her a innocent smile and tell her what happened.

Explaining what happened.

You're in the middle of having sex and someone walks in. You.

Flick them off and continue.

Tell them to get out, face burning bright red.

Jump off them and cover yourself up.

Ask them to join.

Did you like that quiz? (How you respond matters. Not if you liked it or not.)

Why is this a question.

Y-yeah. I liked it a lot.

Yes, you had interesting questions.

Hell yeah! I'd share it to others! (you don't have to. :T)

Shut up, please. This isn't important.

Yes. You made it hard for us to favor characters and choose answers to get a certain one.

No, but I can tell you worked hard. (I did, thanks.)

You're loved by everyone. Having tons of friends and people who wish to be you, it's hard to think of you being bad at all!
Nope, you're insane.
You lure people into your house just to bring hell into their lives. You enjoy the feeling of blood and playing games on people who thought you cared. Killing is fun for you and you love to fuck people up. Sadly, no one knows until it's too late.

You're a cop. Treated badly and you kinda get sick of it. That's when you find something that gets you on a case. You investigate even if others tell you you're crazy. You're too smart to fall for Sangwoo's act.

You're a scared bean. You're a gay man who feels lonely and falls hard for a guy he can't forget. You're a really kickass stalker, but also someone who needs to cool down their hormones. Sexual, but too shy to even think about talking to the guy you like. You'd rather watch from afar. or break into his house and become his slave. That too. (Sangwoo is kinda hot so can't blame you.)

Snake Bitch. (Ji Eun)

Snake Bitch. (Ji Eun)

You're a bitch. Or at least that's what you pretend to be. You may be struggling throughout your life, but you take it on others. Highly popular and liked by those who are also popular. You're crushing on Sangwoo and if anyone gets a little too much attention from him, you're quick to treat them wrong. You judge a lot and is just a bitchy character on the outside.

The Gay guy. ( Kim Seokho)

The Gay guy. ( Kim Seokho)

Oh boy, oh boy. How does it feel to one moment have a hot guy in your grasps, then to suddenly be stabbed to death?
You're this random victim. You seem to easily fall into people's arms to only get stabbed in the back. or stomach.
Not the most loyal due to this character cheating on his wife with Sangwoo, but you have a heart since you couldn't kill Yoonbum. Sadly, Sangwoo killed you in return.

Кто из манги » убить сталкера твой брат/сестра?

Неплохой способ быстро узнать о себе довольно многое — это пройти тесты. Возможно поймёшь, кто в жизни тебе больше подходит, с кем лучше дружить, в кого влюбляться, какой персонаж на тебя похож, как хорошо знаешь онлайн-игры, кем станешь в жизни и т.д. Хотя относиться к результатам теста серьёзно не стоит. Ведь тесты могут быть шуточными или для развлечения. Но всёравно, определённую информацию для размышления наверняка получится.

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Кто ты из убить сталкера

У нас размещены тысячи разнообразных тестов и квизов, с помощью которых можно приятно провести время, узнать о себе что-то новое и сравнить предпочтения с мнением широкой аудитории.

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Привет, дорогой посетитель сайта!

Я заметил, что ты здесь уже больше чем 5 минут и надеюсь, это время проведено интересно.

Наше сообщество живет за счет щепотки платных объявлений, поэтому я был бы очень благодарен за добавление Pikuco в исключения твоего блокировщика рекламы 😉

тест по убить сталкера

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