Как посмотреть кд в фортнайт
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Как посмотреть кд в фортнайт

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КД в фортнайт – что это и как узнать по нику


FortniteFun.ru – портал о фортнайт (Fortnite). На нашем сайте вы найдёте много полезной информации о режимах “Фортнайт королевская битва” и “Фортнайт сражение с бурей“.

Мы публикуем всю актуальную информацию, связанную с игрой. У нас Вы можете узнать о свежих новостях, улучшить свою игру с помощью гайдов, узнать о турнирах фортнайт и, конечно, получить полную информацию об обновлениях.

Если Вы начинающий игрок, то мы подготовили для вас статьи о том, как скачать фортнайт на компьютер и мобильный телефон. Предлагаем ознакомиться с гайдом для новичков в режиме “Королевская битва” и ситуациями, из-за которых Вы можете получить бан.

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Best Fortnite Stat Trackers, Websites & Apps


Since the Battle Royale mode was released in September 2017, Fortnite has seen over 45 million players. The Battle Royale mode has completely out-shined Epic’s original ‘Save the World’ game-mode and other games produced by Epic such as Paragon (RIP).

Due to the growth in this Battle Royale game and its competitive scene, I put together the best statistic websites, tools and apps for Fortnite Battle Royale:

  • Fortnite Tracker
  • FortniteStats.net
  • FortniteStats.com
  • RoyaleStats
  • Storm Shield

Fortnite Tracker — fortnitetracker.com

The most detailed stat website is Fortnite Tracker (from the awesome guys at The Tracker Network) and my personal favourite.

Fortnite Tracker

Use this application to track your stats or other player stats.

Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes. See below.


What you need to install the software and how to install them. -Terminal/Gitbash


A step by step series of how to install the application.

-Create a directory -Git clone -Open Terminal/Gitbash -Type “yarn start” in the root of the directory.

Live demo

Screen Shots

alt text

Step 1

  • Choose a operating system alt text

Best Fortnite tracker websites

Fortnite is an exceptionally popular game but falls short when it comes to seeing your or others’ stats, which is exactly where tracking sites come in.

Epic Games’ Magnum Opus, Fortnite, is considered one of the most popular battle royale games ever. Since its release in 2017, the multiplayer game has grown rapidly with north of 400 million registered players.

The homepage for the FortniteTracker website.

Moreover, you can also filter out your stats according to season or playlist, this will help you see which seasons you performed the best in. In addition to that, fortnitetracker.com also offers region filters that will enable you to compare yourself to other players in your state/country.

In addition to all the various stat tracking features offered on the site, there’s a plethora of other game-related information available. For example, you can easily check what items the Shop has to offer directly from the site. The site even offers an in-house rating scale for various items used in the game, this enables players to know which items are the most useful.

It doesn’t end here though, fortnitetracker.com also offers various challenges that players can compete in to be eligible for a variety of prizes. Fortnitetracker.com can be accessed through the Play Store on Android or the App Store on iOS, or directly on the web through your PC.


Another important addition to our list, Fortnite.gg is a relatively easy-going site that is both simple and practical. A large part of the Fortnite player base consists of relatively average players that just want to have some fun. This site is aimed at such type of a target audience.

Fortnite.gg will help players access their general stats and view top leaderboards from around the world. The site also came into the spotlight due to its ‘my locker’ feature, which basically enabled players to check the status of their v-bucks and how much they had spent. This feature did face some problems initially but you can use it by logging into your epic account from the site.

Homepage for the Fortnite.gg website.

Moreover, Fortnite.gg also helps players with their settings for the game. You can also find an interactive map detailing different points of interest on the site, along with some quizzes and some other cosmetics.

As mentioned before, the site is more for the casual gamers. Because of this, you won’t find any in-depth statistics and analysis for every individual player. Rather, once the username is entered into the site, the player can view their Kill/Death ratio, wins, and losses along with the total time played. It saves a lot of time and effort if you want to go deep in analyzing your playthroughs and are here just for the thrill of it.

You can easily access the site through your PC or mobile device via the web.


Another top-rated Fortnite stat tracker providing its users with a free premium experience, Trax.gg is a standalone tracking site dedicated to bringing you the best Fortnite tracking resources available. Trax is a site that lives and breathes Fortnite. You can find everything from individual player stats to skin and outfit tracking and much more.

Trax.gg is the only addition on our list that is exclusively available on iOS.

Much like Fortnitetracker, Trax.gg also has a creative map database where users can upload their own maps and rate them. In addition to this, Trax also provides an interactive map that players can use to get the locations of ammo boxes, chests, and many other items located on the Fortnite map. This map can be incorporated into your strategy and help you in devising a plan for the game.

Trax also has what it refers to as a «Drop Randomizer». The site recommends random locations for players to land on the map, adding a bit of flavor to the gameplay. Overall, each and every feature that Trax has to offer including its item availability tracking, stats, analysis, etc, is top-notch.

Unfortunately for Android and PC users, Trax is an App Store exclusive. So, you must have an apple device on hand in order to use this service.


PlayerAuctions is a visually appealing, casual stat-tracking site with a simple interface. Much like Fortnite.gg, it does not contain any high-end statistical analysis regarding your player profile but it still does the job done for the average gamer. This is because PlayerAuctions is not a tracking site by default but a marketplace.

PLayerAuctions is primarily used to sell or trade Fortnite accounts.

A special feature that PlayerAuctions offers is it provides information regarding some of the top Fortnite players. So, for those of you who like to stalk and learn about your idols, this is the place for it. The site has a lot of data on pro-Fortnite players, content creators, streamers, etc.

The site also helps you calculate the estimated value of your Fortnite account, it is a marketplace after all. It also displays the average account values on the site for each month of the year, while also putting new accounts on sale. Plus, the site has some good Fortnite guides you can check out to improve your gameplay.

Overall, PlayerAuctions is a good option for basic stat tracking and an excellent marketplace for buying and selling Fortnite accounts. You can get easy access to it via the web.


Fortnitestats is a site geared exclusively towards a simplistic approach to stat tracking. The sites we’ve listed above are all good and informative, but many players will love something that only gives them what they’ve asked for, removing all irrelevant details. Fortnitestats is just the site for that as it practically removes any excessive details and services except pure stats and leaderboards.

The site offers general all-time stats including your total kills, matches played, wins, and a lot of other in-game info. The information is spread over the three game modes, solo, duo, and squads- which can each be viewed separately.

The homepage and main leaderboard for FortniteStats.com

In addition to the basic functionality, you can also see the various weapon stats along with many cosmetics as well. Some general Fortnite-related news is also available in a separate section if you wish to view it.

The site also uses some elaborate graphs in order to display a visual view of your in-game performance. Overall, it’s a nice and compact site for tracking your stats that makes the user experience much more time-saving and direct.

Fortnitestats is freely available on the web for everyone to use and enjoy.


This is probably one of the most visually enticing sites on the list. Fortnitescout makes it a lot easier to track your stats with the help of a variety of charts. The site basically employs different graphs and compares your stats to a set average.

The homepage, along with a news section for FortniteScout.com

The site provides a detailed in-depth analysis of your overall gameplay which it compares to other players. The quality and accuracy of the statistics provided are unmatchable and will allow you to fully analyze your play style. You can also check out their world rankings and compare your score to the top players across each gaming category if you so choose.

The site is dedicated solely to Fortnite and has a fairly simple user interface aimed at providing optimum utility and ease of access. We would say that it’s a fine stat tracker with good visual representation. You can log on to Fortnitescout anytime on the web and see where you stand in the game.


As you all might already know, Fortnite basically has two different game modes in it: battle royale and a post-apocalyptic zombie-infested co-op ‘Save the World’ mode, that also has a massive fan base. Fortnite.db is essentially a site aimed at tracking stats for this ‘second’ game mode that Fortnite has to offer.

After the deactivation of Storm Shield, Fortnite.db has become the prime stat tracker for the «other» game mode. The site can practically offer all types of leaderboards for any imaginable category that exists in this mode. You can click on any of the players’ profile and get detailed information regarding their inventory, hero’s levels, squads, and a lot of other stuff as well.

FortniteDB is mainly focused on tracking players

Moreover, the site contains information regarding Save the World missions and an entire database detailing weapon schematics, heroes, and quest lines. It also features a list of different in-game rewards that you can obtain after completing certain ventures. Additionally, Fortnite.db also offers highly detailed how-to guides regarding Save the World that you wouldn’t want to miss at any cost.

All in all, it is safe to say that Fortnite.db can offer you absolutely anything that even has the remotest connection to Save the World. The site can be used on your PC via the web as normal.

With that, our list of the Best Fortnite Trackers comes to a close. Undoubtedly, There are a lot of tracking sites available today on the internet, and ultimately the best site depends on the individual players’ utility. Nonetheless, all the sites we’ve listed are top-tier and we firmly believe you can find anything you’re looking for with these.

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